Our kids. Our community.

Every milestone. We are there.

Together we grow.

Together we learn.

Generation to Generation

Support Meetings
Our goal is to share and exchange ideas and information in an effort to support each other through life's challenges. Meetings are held every third Saturday of the month at 10 AM.
Play Dates
A time for our moms and children to get together to build lasting relationships. This is a great opportunity for our infants and toddlers to develop social skills. Playdates will be mostly weekends for our working moms and older kids..
Community Services
Community Service and Outreach is a key part of Mom-e-Preneurs, Inc. Each local chapter is required to perform two community service projects each year. This is easily accomplished because most members are eager to use their energy doing something positive for their community..

As part of our family events, please check in with us for our 3rd annual Big Hat Tea, with our honoured keynote speaker Dr. Laura!  Contact us now to reserve your seating!
Mom-e Night out
Mom-e Night Outs are sponsored monthly by each local chapter. This is a time for moms to reconnect with self and enjoy the company of fellow Mom-e-Preneurs. Often it is the only time members have to "recharge" their batteries and focus on themselves. .
Date Night
This couples only event is sponsored monthly by our local chapter. This is a time for moms and dads to reconnect and fellowship with one another and other couples. This can be dinner out, a game night at a Mom-e home, movies, a Saturday afternoon at the winery, etc...

Community Resources

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Work at home Forum

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Community Assistance Services, Inc.

Our goal is not only to assist others in their quest for entrepreneurial ship in residential care, but to advocate for children, dependent adults, those with developmental disabilities, those with mental illnesses and the elderly. Read more about our program!